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We believe that digital technology is a power-tool that can unleash unexpected and undiscovered potential in people and organisations

Big or small, young or old, digital native or not - there is no better time than now to venture into digital.

Mobile App Development
Mobile Apps Development

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We are not just creative tech people

We look at digital technology with the eyes of our clients, and their customers

Whether you are a freelancer, a sole-proprietor, a startup or an established entity, TRIMIY is here to be your digital pal.


Our Approach

Co-create with our curated creative talents

By working with us, you tap into our curated creative talents in this part of the region. They are our network of partners of experience animators, production companies, creative professionals and writers in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. We ensure your project is a success by overseeing every step of the process, from the first spark of an idea to the final distribution and post campaign analysis.


We let you take the shortcuts and have the cost cuts without compromising delivery time, reliability of service and professionalism in work quality.

We take the hassle out in scouting for creative talents and having to liaise with many from online marketplaces. You can count on us to personally lead your projects, whilst keeping close tabs on cost and timeline.

Specially for...

Small Business
Event Organizer
Web Design Singapore

We know it can be tough on a freelancer, a small enterprise or a social group to get started or keep track of things online as you get busy with your core business.

So, we have come up with packages which we think can help chip away the common digital drag of starting out, to get you rolling with what you do best.

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